Profile link building has been into existence for some time now. In this method of link building, one creates user profiles on various forums, social media, web 2.0 sites, etc.

Since a lot of these sites allow you to add your site URL and a description field, you can add your site URL and couple of anchor text links on those profiles. Widespread confusion and conspiracy are surrounding this specific link building method.

Where some believe and preach that this method helps you is search engine ranking while others have tested and found this not to work. Some opportunists even sell some services surrounding this method, trying to convince people of the benefit of such a worthless approach.

Everyone knows that it’s the quality of backlinks that matters these days and not the quantity. You get link juice transferred to your site from another site based on the authority and link popularity the other site has.

If the website giving you backlink has high PR and a lot of backlinks itself, then that site will pass you a high-value backlink. However, if the page linking back to you doesn’t have any backlink of its own, then that specific page doesn’t have any link popularity with Google so will not pass any link juice to your site at all.

Another point to note is that these sorts of profiles usually don’t get indexed by itself. Some of those profile pages will get indexed by itself but the majority of the time those pages will never see the light of the day. If you are running a link building campaign in the quest backlinks, you certainly want those newly created profile pages to be indexed.

Most of the time, you will have to bookmark and ping those pages so that Google can find those pages and index them. You get the link value transferred from the page where you have your link, not from the homepage of the site where you are getting link form.

If an inner page profile is not linked from the main index page or any other category pages of the site, then technically that internal page is not linked to the site at all. What sort of link juice or authority a page can transfer if that page is not even considered a part of the leading site it is hosted under? I say it’s just a matter of common sense to figure out the fact.

Profile link building cannot work by principle. The amount of time it takes to search and find where to add profiles, to build the profile pages adding your links, and finally to promote those pages so that Google can index them, it hardly provides value compared to that.

You can easily invest that time to utilize some other link building methods that are proven to work. Any traditional link building methods such as directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking will provide you lot better benefit.